Due to Popular request I’ve finally got around to making the tutorial for how we made the open front petticoats for Goddess Madoka and Walpurgisnacht. Now, before I get into the details about the making process let me give you a little behind the scenes; When I first set about to making the pair of costumes I had no idea how to do the open front, nor had I seen any tutorials online on how to do this except from making your own cage, which I didn’t have the ability to do in our house. So- The process I used was one based on trial and error; Madoka’s petticoat was the one I made first, and Walpurgis’ was the one I made for the tutorial.

Now! On to the Tutorial! You can find the details under the cut—-

Difficulty Rating:  - Basic techniques that can be perfected over time

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Sakizou Emerald Part 1: Corset

A mini tutorial/walk through of sorts I posted on my blog<3


I’ve been doing a lot of Pepakura work lately so I decided to make a tutorial video on how to get started :) 

This is my first cosplay tutorial and I hope to make a series out of it. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

and yes I know I sound like a nerd :p

Anonymous: Hello! I'm sorry to bother you but I'm going to my first con in about two months and my friends are trying to persuade me to use coloured contacts for my cosplay. You seem to have a lot of experience with them so do you have any advice? Thanks!


Never be sorry for asking! I have plenty of advice!

  • Talk to your eye doctor. You really should do this. Make sure that you know your prescription and if you can safely wear contacts or not. They may also help to teach you how to care for contacts, but those instructions can also be found on at least one of the following websites.
  • Buy from a trusted site. My favorites are Honey Color and Pinky Paradise. Never buy at cons, they are over priced and under stocked.
  • Read the reviews. These can tell you if the contacts look good in real life, how comfortable they are, and if they cover up dark eyes or not.
  • Buy supplies. You’ll need a separate contact case for each pair of contacts and some solution. Re-wetting eye drops designed for contacts can be helpful too. You can find all of this at most drug stores.
  • Wash your hands. If you don’t wash them before touching your eyes or handling the contacts, you could end up with a nasty infection. Don’t share contacts for exactly the same reason. Really. Don’t.
  • Change the solution. Once you get the contacts, empty the bottle gently into a washed hand. Spray the contact lightly with solution and then drop it into the case. Cover it completely with solution. Change the solution every few weeks at least.
  • Limit your time. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t wear them for more than 10 hours. I’ve worn them for 15+ without issues. Normally I take them out when my eyes get blurry. I can’t say that this is a good idea, but hey. I’m very determined.
  • THEY SHOULD NEVER HURT. IF THEY HURT DO NOT WEAR THEM. IT GOES BADLY. I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE. If they hurt, check to see if there is a tear or scratch. Those lenses are no longer wearable. Throw out the ruined lens. You can keep the one that hasn’t torn if you want to, I’ve seen that come in handy. If there are no scratches, check to see if there is something in your eye or on the lens. Make up is a common culprit, as are hairs. Try rinsing the lens with solution. If none of these things help, then I’m sorry. They’re unwearable. Maybe they don’t fit your eye. Maybe they are poorly made. Who knows, just don’t wear them. I promise you that it will go badly. I call this “The Blue Contact Dilemma” after my first pair of colored contacts, which cause burning pain despite looking lovely.
  • Never go anywhere unarmed! Carry all of your supplies with you whenever you’re wearing contacts! That’s the case, the drops, and the solution (mini bottles are available). This is very important at a convention.

I think that I’ve covered most of the important things! A lot of stuff is trial-and-error. Things like whether to put them in before or after make up is up to each individual. My friend puts them in after because they get make up in their eye a lot, but I put mine in before because I don’t want to have dirty fingers and end up smearing my make up. You’ll figure it out with time! Disclaimer: I’m not a professional. All of this is just how I do things.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to message me again (either anon or unanon) and I will help you to the best of my ability! I can also give some tips for a first time con-goer!


This is how I make bright new clothes look old and worn. It’s a doll-scale version of an old theatre costume trick. ;)


Hi guys! 

We got a lot of new followers recently so we thought we’d do a Mini Giveaway to celebrate!!! :D

What Can You Win?

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This ends really soon!! 


here’s a little tutorial for a now-sew hairbow!


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Last year some of you may remember that I cosplayed the Megamax Eiji/Ankh version from Kamen Rider OOO…


Yes, that cosplay!

I remember that at least 2 different people ask me for a tutorial….
So after procrastinating the tutorial for months, I decided to finally write it…
It’s freaking long, so be advised!!!

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Check out my dA account for the full size image - www.neptunyan.deviantart.com !

Also, this weekend I’m planning to have my first cosplay photoshoot for this year! I’m so excited! :D I may shoot a video too, still thinking about it.You will see pictures and maybe a link to the video on my dA account, if you’re interested.

Anonymous: Hi Emi! I was wondering what fabric you made your Nonon dress out of?

Hi Anon! :D 

The Nonon dress is actually a mess of fabrics. We didn’t want to deal with dyeing fabric and couldn’t find a blue that was light enough so it is actually a translucent blue sewn over a white gabardine. :) 

Lindsay does all the sewing, by the way! I just do color/fabric picking a lot of the time. :) :) I have no time to sew with my classes right now. :D 

<3 Emi