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It’s a Castiel makeup tutorial, yaaaaaay!


So this is a really late update about my latest Cosplays ^^°
I wore them at the bookfair in Leipzig an had so much fun with everyone x3

first off is Tsubaki Asahina fro Brothers Consflict ^^
It’s a really comfortable Cosplay, since its actually more casual than anything XD Thats also the reason that it wasn’t so hard to sew. The only Thing I had to do myself was the jacket.
The pictures were taken an edited by Ailynm


Candy White Ardlay
Anthony Brown

Candy Candy at Nadeshicon 2014, Quebec City, Canada

(It was my birthday cosplay :D)


Chucky as Ulquiorra
Me as Grimmjow


Velvet is a luxurious, soft fabric that feels perfect for these late Winter months. Sewing with it takes just a bit of precaution and a few extra steps.

First, let’s talk about the basics. Velvet is a fabric with a raised pile of threads that stick out from the fabric, just like fur. This pile looks different depending on which direction you look at it from, as it reflects light. Because of this, we say that it is a fabric with nap. Other fabrics have nap too, but not all fabrics with nap have a pile. Silk charmeuse, for example, looks subtly different from different angles, even though it doesn’t have the fuzzy pile.

Velvet can be made from different fibers. Most common is cotton (which is also used to make short-pile velveteen and corduroy) or a combination of silk and rayon.

Here are some tips for sewing with this beautiful stuff:


  • Make sure that all your pattern pieces face the same direction, so there won’t be odd shading effects from the nap.
  • Use pins instead of weights to avoid crushing the pile. 


  • The most important thing is that you are careful not to crush the pile. If you need to press it at all, place the fuzzy side on a thick towel or on another piece of velvet to help hold the pile in place while you lightly press. If you sew with velvet often, you could also invest in a needleboard made specifically for this purpose, but they tend to be pricey.
  • Press very very lightly and try to use the tip of the iron to only touch the seam.


  • Choose your needle according to the heaviness and density of your velvet fabric.
  • Choose your thread according to the fiber (cotton, silk, etc). For most fibers,polyester all-purpose thread will be fine.
  • If possible, lighten the presser foot tension to avoid permanently damaging the nap.
  • You may consider using a zipper foot with the foot inside the seam allowance to keep your presser foot from crushing the pile.

Are you still wondering if velvet might be a bit fancy for you? Sometimes it’s hard to imagine it working for anything other than evening gowns.

But I’ve found it makes an ideal fabric for Winter lougewear, like pajama pants and robes. It’s slinky and luxurious, but still warm and soft. It’s a great way to feel absolutely lovely while staying cozy around the house.


My petticoat tutorial!


Warning! Very image heavy!

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In which I’ll dole out some fake burn tips for cosplay photo shoots!

Okay so this doesn’t last long with movement as it cracks off, but for a quick photo shoot? It’s great. It’s cheap and quick and really really easy.

You’re going to need:

  • Gelatin
  • Acrylic paint (Red, brown and black)
  • A medium sized sponge

Okay so to start off with, mix the sachets of gelatin with recently boiled water until it makes sticky paste. You can feel it dragging against whatever you’re using to stir it. Scoop the gelatin out, apply it to the person you’re putting the burn on (Be careful! The heat from the water may burn them! So leave time for it too cool a little) and use the smooth back of something (I used the back of a spoon) to create an uneven effect.


Wait for the gelatin to cool and set before painting. Cut your sponge into three sections (One for each colour of paint). Apply a layer of red paint.image

Then mix some red with the brown and apply very gently so it doesn’t cover all the red. (This is easier than it sounds, just dab the sponge everywhere and you should be a-okay :) )


Wait for this to dry before applying the final layer of black. Take a fresh sponge and dab on the black lightly so it clings to the very tip of the lumps and around the edges where the burn turns to normal skin to create a scorched effect. 




To make the burn seem more realistic a small amount of fake blood (Made by mixing red food colouring and instant coffee) dripped over makes it look more gory. But be careful because that ‘blood’ will not dry.


A word of warning: This does not work well around joints as movements -Will- crack it.

The half body burn took me approximately four hours to complete, while just the arm (At the bottom) took little over forty five minutes. If you have any questions feel free to message me and I will answer :) 


Photographer: T Thor

The only picture taken of my Sayaka Maizono cosplay and it turned out beautifully; thank you! I used to have a rule where I would only cosplay obscure western animated characters, but because of this, I’ve added some popular eastern ones to my cosplay list. I didn’t think I could pull of an anime-ish character.


At least, I finished work what should have been done a week ago, so now I can spend some time to post tutorial. I wanted 1000 notes for my mask photo to post it, but 30 is close enough ))))

It’s not a perfect copy, but close enought for something you can do in one day and almost for free.

1. Textile basis. Pattern looks like this:


Big part must be mirrored for the second cheek.



2. You need a dummy head or plastic mask and stretch wrap. Tightly wrap to make this form:


3. Next step is a secret souce for almost all things we are making now. It’s a plaster bandage. It’s cheap, sales in drugstores, easy to work with and hardens quickly. Make 2 layers, it’s enough. Let it dry for 2-4 hours.


4. Cover with PVA glue from both sides. Let dry. Now attach it to textile basis and outline the edge and other lines. Cut not by lines, but with overmeasures. Now you can see, if lines are right or must be fixed. Make final cut.


5. Now make steps 4-7 from that post: http://a-twins.tumblr.com/post/66286488158/there-is-how-i-made-my-winter-soldiers-arm and paint it black. I sewed it to basis in several points and glued in other points and lines.


6. Now paint gray:


7. Final part, I made it from leather:


I was really pissed of with my old mask, because I wear it under wig and to talk with people or eat something was really a problem. This one made with this BDSM-like stuff on my head and connects with velcro to it.

It was Evgenia a.k.a. mercury. with my weird tutorial. Hope it will help someone to make something awsome and better then my one )))