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Learning to Sew
This blog contains cosplay tutorials, cosplay photos, and cosplay advice from us. Our mindset is that no one should feel like they can't do a certain cosplay because they are new to cosplay. Learning is one of the best parts!

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Hey Learning to Sew! I wanted to share a new sewing tool I’ve been using. They’re called Wonder Clips and they’re great for anything on edges that would normally need to be pinned down. I’ve used them for cutting out patterns, bias tape, and hemming. The underside of the clips are flat and have little marks for seam allowance. Pretty sturdy too, in the above picture the clips are holding together vinyl with duck cloth underneath. 

They aren’t a complete replacement for pins as they’re really best for edge work, but they pair together nicely. You can get them on Amazon for 13 dollars for a set of 50.

Lindsay: Thanks so much for the submission, quiptorium!! Pins can be so annoying sometimes D: I stab myself a good 10 times every time I work on anything cosplay XD And Emi’s known to pin things to the carpet!!
Thanks for the tip :3

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    These clips are wonderful. I also use them to hold pieces together while glue dries.
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    Oh my god these things are such a lifesaver when you’re using thick fabric that you can’t pin. I don’t like them for...
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